Monday, December 7, 2009

A Short Update

It's been a while since my last blog. I've been crazy-busy and have been able to squeeze in just enough time to work on knitting some Christmas presents. Unfortunately keeping up with blogging has fallen by the wayside. My schedule this week though is already more open and I'm hoping that trend will continue!

Here's a few thoughts, until I can get some photos of everything I've been working on.

1. I'm still finishing up NHM#7. I'm praying these fit the recipient. So nerve-wracking.
I currently have a thumb and a half to finish. Oh, and knitting thumbs in colorwork? Not fun. But these mittens are due next Wednesday so I better hurry and finish!

2. I knit a slouch hat about a month ago and never got around to blogging it. Wasn't sure how I'd like the slouch look, but it's actually a really cute hat. Pattern details and photos will commence eventually.

3. Finished knitting the February Baby Sweater. SO CUTE. I sewed the buttons on and couldn't stop holding it up to admire it. Baby clothes are the best. This will be gifted sometime in the next few weeks.

4. Working on some secret Christmas knitting. To be revealed after Christmas.

5. I can't wait to be done with Christmas knitting. I have so many sweaters I want to knit and I miss spinning on my wheel. Admittedly I've been spending some of my precious free-time browsing hand-dyed fiber on etsy and making a little wish list in my head. Oops.

6. Black Friday Shopping...I went to Joanns this year to take advantage of the 50% off button sale, plus the additional 20% off coupon. I got some great buttons, can't wait to show you! The check-out line was loooooong but it went pretty quickly. I felt bad for people who came to buy fabric though, the line was longer than the check-out line, and moving far more slowly.

6. I'm excited about all the gifts I'm giving this year. Being a knitter and being able to give beautiful handknits (even if knitting the thumbs on one particular gift is driving me crazy!) is wonderful. :)

7. Photos eventually. It's currently freezing outside so I've been a bit reluctant to photo knits and other projects out there, but I'll try to get to it later today or tomorrow!

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