Saturday, October 3, 2009

Think Think Think

I've been out with a bad cold the last couple days and haven't been online much at all. Between that and some other annoying stuff, it was kind of an interesting week. I definitely feel like I need a little yarn therapy. ;)

So, here's what I'm thinking for my latest project. This one will be the fall sweater I mentioned back on my Christmas gift list post.

I've thought of a few different ideas I wanted to try, including some from my design notebook, and I think I'm close to a decision.

The yarn I'll be using is this:

892yds of worsted weight.

Right now the yarn doesn't look so neat and tidy. About 75% of it is currently knit up as a self-designed sweater. The plan with the sweater was to create a bottom up raglan pullover sweater with a lace neckline. But it didn't work out so well. My ambitious short-row shaping went awry, and while I know I could fix the project, I honestly don't want to.

It just wouldn't be a sweater I'd love. And since I have to frog the entire yoke and sleeves (sleeves are too tight) anyway, I think I just need to frog the whole thing and begin a sweater I'll enjoy.

Now for my fall sweater ideas:

1. Cardigan from my design notebook

Thinking a nice long thick cardi, with long thick sleeves and a thick collar (can you tell I'm really cold right now?). It would be mainly stockinette, with the collar, sleeve cuffs, and the bottom edge done in a waffle pattern or seed stitch. It'd be sooo cute with a tee and skinny jeans. Or regular jeans. I'm flexible. If I had it right now I'd be wearing it.

My original sketch has some similarities to this (Interweave link here) a design from Connie Chang Chinchio, so it might fall somewhere along those lines. No pockets though, I don't usually like the bulkiness of pockets anyway and am pretty sure I wouldn't appreciate knitting them. ;)

But the problem with this design comes down to the yarn. I know that nearly 900yds won't be enough for what I have in mind. I'd definitely have to go for shorter sleeves and a shorter cardi. I don't know if I'd like the cardi as much if it wasn't knit exactly how I'm envisioning it.'s the next idea:

2. Francis Revisited (blog link here)

I've had this queued for eons. Okay, about a year and a half.

The one thing I really don't like about this pattern is the gauge.
3.25sts per worsted weight! Worsted weight that should normally be knit at 4.5-5sts per inch. I worked on a gauge swatch yesterday with the suggested needles and really disliked the result. And when I measured gauge, it wasn't even large enough! 4 sts per inch, not 3.25. So I know I'd want to mess around with the gauge. I did some math yesterday and knitting the 39.5" size at 4.5sts per inch should give me a perfectly fitting sweater. Made to fit 33" with a few inches of negative ease.
I know the 3.25 sts per inch would make a sweater with great drape, but I think it might be more likely to look stretched than drapey. Looking at the Rav projects, the sweater is rather see-through as well.
I think if I was knitting it at the smaller gauge I'd probably cast on more sts at the beginning to make sure the cowl has enough room. I definitely wouldn't want to end up with a turtleneck.

I love this piece, and it would be fun to knit something that I've had queued for so long.

So...any thoughts?

I think I've decided what I'm leaning towards, but we shall see. :)

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