Friday, September 12, 2008


This is my latest finished project, a simple cabled hat made in bulky weight yarn. A very quick knit, the stockinette part took me about a hour, with the cabled band taking about three.
This hat is far from original, but I did design it without help from any other patterns, it's definitely my design, just not a very original one!
After a while on Ravelry researching this, I decided to offer my pattern notes anyway, since the similar patterns (Coronet, Irish Hiking Hat ...there may a few others, but I didn't have time to wade through all the many patterns) are available for free, thus I won't be affecting any indie designer's profits. :)
The hat is a bit different as well, in that it is knit at a large gauge and has a different cable pattern than these other designs.

After I finish typing up the notes I'll post them here (and maybe make a Ravelry pdf., because they're just ever so much fun!).


Jennifer said...

Great hat pattern. I like the cabling going around the head verses up. I look forward to seeing your notes.

ChelleC said...

This is a great pattern. Thank you so much!